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I only BEG once but never to YOU

Unbelievable! That was the first word came out from my mouth after hearing it. IT is a product of a desire, the “I wish it was like” drama of an egocentric- outrageous -unbelievable creature. I never thought I’ll be addressing this issue again. I am getting tired of these people. I am getting tired the face, the stories and the “he said-they said-this is what I heard” strings of rumors that worst than what you will read on a twitter page.


Before I say my piece, let me just make it clear than this has nothing to do with my state of emotion or even something to do with any of my single cellular thingy in my body. Because there are friends who read my blog that is important to me and I don’t want them to be anywhere near confusing state.

 I made a huge mistake by sleeping to a friend that was in a committed relationship for about 13 years at that point. Yes I did it and it wasn’t a secret anymore. I made lies to protect an image that turned to be the biggest zit in my ass. I regret that I made a lot of my friends thwarted in me and from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry again. Though I made some reconciliation in the past for this same mistake and I appreciate for the acceptance.

 Back to the zit, it ended. I WAS THE ONE WHO END IT – the affair. A number of people knew the whole story. I ended it because I had all the reasons in the world and I was madly in love with someone at that time and gosh, the zit got nothing on this someone. So, how and where the thought of me, begging to take me back, story came from? Be ashamed please and I don’t know where you get your gut and nerve to say things like this to my friends. You know the whole story and they know the whole story plus some of them seen it in 3D high definition. I bet your partner doesn’t know anything about that night.

 Ever since, I never said things about the affair, moreover the details because it’s not the kind of story you tell to other people. It was a mistake and shameful. Stop lingering. Normal people move on. So please learn to be normal for once. Please DO NOT SPEAK OF ME ANYMORE. You are no longer my friend and even being your friend I consider it a mistake. From what I heard from your acquaintances, I made the right choice. Please, you are not a friend and never will, kindly stop doing immature-nonsense things like this.

 Get these readers, I am miles away from this person and it has been like 5 months already that I am where I am and the affair was like McHammer topping the local charts…LOL. It is somehow flattering to still have that kind of impact to someone in the absence of my actual existence in the same space, but this is extraneous. I don’t get excited things like this.


So the next time I heard something again related to the affair, it means to say that I am a person who is hard to get over with…hahahahaha




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